Columbódromo de Faro 2017



Pombal Aníbal de Sousa Guerreiro

The International Derby of Faro is an Organization of the Sociedade Columbófila de Faro, is opened to the participation of Portuguese and foreign fanciers, being that all participant pigeons must be carrying an official ring of the year of 2017 and recognized for the FCI.



•    Teams of 10 pigeons.  = 600  €

•    For each Team of ten enrolled pigeons the fancier benefits of a free registration of 2 pigeons

•     Teams of 5 pigeons   = 300€

•    For each Team of ten enrolled pigeons the fancier benefits of a free registration of 1 pigeon

For each 5 Teams of paid pigeons the fancier benefits of plus one free Team of 5 or 10 pigeons.

•    The tax of registration of individual pigeon is of € 60 (Sixty Euros), that it will allow them to accede to the  prizes in the attached list.

•    The registrations will only be considered after the corresponding payment to the registration tax.

All Teams or pigeons unpaid up to 8 days before 1st training for the Ace Pigeon, the Fancier loses the right to the prizes, reverting the value for the organization.

•   To make your registration just send us an e-mail to, or make your application directly on our Internet Site, (registration) and after and within 15 days to make deposit of 100 € per team, to ensure the place in the Loft.

In case of cancellation this amount is non-refundable




All pigeons should be vaccinated against PMV within 10 days prior to shipment and sent to:

Derby de Faro (Aldeia Columbófila de Faro)

Estrada da Penha s/n

8000- 140  FARO

To Faro Airport

For our representatives / agents in the various countries of Europe (see agents)

They should be accompanied by:

Card / Property Registration (required)

Pedigree as complete and detailed as possible

Name of the owner or name of the owner

Phone number

Contact email




Contacts:(Reception in-Loco).


Fernando Silva – Telefone 912903564

João Duarte — 962931378


In order to ensure the health of pigeons, with quarantine, vaccination, and creating groups of immunity the reception of pigeons will be as follows;

From 1 to 15 March-From 15 to 30 March-From 1 to 15 April-From 15 to April 30-from 1 May to 15 May


During these periods, collections will be made in different parts of Europe (dates and places to advertise on the site)


In the event of death, disability or accident, the pigeons may be replaced until the end of May  (Transportation charges to be supported by the participant, for shipping prices please contact the organization or the agent in your country). Therefore, we need a phone number and e-mail contact of the owner, to notify about any relevant information

Delivery or arrival of the pigeons must be accompanied by the proper payment in Bank check, cash or proof of transfer discounting if the 100 € of booking of participation (see below):






               IBAN: PT50-0033-0000-45354743088-05

               SWIFT CODE: BCOMPTPL


After giving entry in Loft, pigeons will belong to DERBY INTERNACIONAL DE FARO, and will be housed in our loft (added, renewed and improved) where only exist perches and there will be no separation of sexes, all will be treated equally and all will receive at their arrival a electronic chip (TIPES), and a participation code (which will be what appears on all listings on the site, until the arrival of the final race. All participants will be informed of the name corresponding to each one of his birds.

In Loft, fulfilling the National standards and rules and the FCI, no use of doping drugs or stimulants will be used (will only be used the medicines and vaccines being duly authorized) and the pigeons will be reviewed regularly by our vet, and by any other official entity.

We will use an electronic verification system arrival of the pigeons in races and trainings, Tipes, duly authorized branded, whose software and hardware will be upgraded in advance and sealed by the official representative of the brand in Portugal (IBANDIS).

All trainings and races scheduled may be altered by weather or major reasons, unrelated to the organization. The decision of the organization is sovereign, and will be duly accompanied by national meteorologist  from IPMA, as well as by several renowned fanciers located on national territory.

The basketing for the final event will be made by the Organization, with the participation and supervision of one or more accredited representatives appointed by the FCI. After basketing and after the signing of the listing of all participating pigeons in the final Race, by the various parties involved the same will then be made available and posted at our headquarters in a clearly visible location, for visitors and press and will be posted on our website.

The pigeons will be accompanied by a delegate to the  (independent of the Organization) to Aveiro where they will be treated and watered in a warehouse made available for the purpose and properly guarded and policed until the next morning when they will be displaced to the location of the loose (15 km away), which will be public and will be performed in the Park of the  Church of Sra. Do Socorro in Albergaria-a-Velha by 7 am.



Prizes in dispute (+ € 35.000 + 1 car) PREMIOS

The prize money for the 2017 edition of the Derby Internacional de Faro is calculated for a participation of 800 pigeons, a place in the loft will be secured based on the principle of the first registrations requested and authorized, first enrolled.

At the end of the registration period and due to the project being based on 800 pigeons paid, if this amount is not reached the amount of the prizes will be calculated proportionally, this procedure will also be carried out if it exceeds 800 pigeon and will increase the value of the prizes in dispute , And will always be based on 10% of the pigeons enrolled.

To make your registration simply send us an email to, or make your registration directly on our Website:, (Registration) and after and within 15 days make a deposit of 100 Euros By team, to guarantee the place in the loft.

In case of cancellation this value is not refundable.

Final / Arrival


Some pigeons arrived will be auctioned online on the day of the final Race (By GPLOFT).

Being that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Classified shall be entitled with 30% of the value (after deduction of the costs inherent in the auction) if they are acquired by its owner or representative.

In the case of the owner to delegate the bidding to a delegate, the direction of Faro International Derby has to be advised by e-mail of representative name (Nick Name in GPLoft) before the beginning of bids.

From 4th to 30Th  classified will be entitled to 40% of the value (after deduction of the costs inherent in the auction).

All pigeons arrived within 25%, will be auctioned online (By Gploft) in successive auctions, duly advertised and will be entitled to 20% of the value (after deduction of the costs inherent in the auction).

But if any pigeon post in auction, is not sold, the participant loses the right to % in a future sale.

The remaining pigeons arrived or recovered, which are included in auctions or sold in the loft shall accrue to the organization.

All the pigeons without pedigree, the owner will not be entitled to the % value of its sale at auction.

If the Fancier has no Pedigrees he can ask the derby organization to elaborate it.

Ace Pigeon

All the trainings counting for Ace Pigeon will have at least 120 KM and have to be done.

*) The classification of ACE PIGEON is established as a weighted average with distance.

*) All the trainings for ACE PIGEON and the FINAL will close with the arrival of 25% of the pigeons basketed or at 20 hours of the following day.

*) The pigeons that do not return within the observation period, in Final Race, will be excluded from Ace Pigeon competition.

*) To win, the Ace Pigeon competition, the pigeon has to participate in the Final Race.


Any omission or event leading to conflict, not covered by this Regulation shall be determined by the organization, governed by Portuguese law is, and this decision shall be final

The Official Rules will be in Portuguese and posted on our event website, prevailing over any translation into another language, which may contain errors and is likely to misinterpretation or understanding